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My rates are highly competitive and are priced by market sector. Voice over recordings and their associated usage payments ( where they apply ) can get a little complex, so please do contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss.

The following information is, I hope, helpful: 


For self records I can usually turn work around Monday to Friday within 24 - 48 hours.


I usually charge a BSF ( basic studio fee ) for recording, editing and delivery. For some clients this will be the whole fee. I can normally record up to 2000 words in an hour with a minimum charge of one hour. Editing beyond this hour , to a guide voice , to picture, or to time codes is free for the first 750 words. Beyond this, editing is charged at £35.00 per hour. My BSF is usually £250.00 an hour for corporate and commercial jobs, including studio, with no charge for live IP links.

I don’t charge a BSF generally in the following sectors: 

E- learning. Fees can be calculated on a per word rate. Please ask, but a guide rate is 20p per word with a minimum fee of £50.00

IVR Prompts. Please ask for rates. 

Audio books can be calculated on a per finished hour rate. Please ask for rates.


Usage is applied for broadcast TV and radio ads , and for paid for online advertising ( Youtube Preroll, Facebook and Instagram as examples ) and is usually paid in the form of a buyout. The amount of the buyout depends on the exposure (or reach) , duration and mediums through which the recording is transmitted to the public (or to a targeted B2B audience)

In the UK for radio commercials, Spotify/Acast/targeted streaming ads, I work for the current Equity negotiated IR rates where the contracting client is either one of the radio groups or an appointed sub contractor.

For network radio ads commissioned by an advertising agency in the UK, please contact my agent. 

TV commercial rates are calculated using the guidelines provided at:

For network TV ads commissioned by an advertising agency in the UK, please contact my agent. 

Usage will not be applied to the following types of work:






Explainer or corporate videos

-where the video will only be viewed by the staff, or contractors of the commissioning client. Sometimes the license for this kind of recording is known as an “internal only” license. 

Package deal for explainer and business videos

I offer a competitive in-perpetuity package rate for non broadcast,  online only explainer and business videos for micro businesses or SMEs, which will not be marketed with paid for advertising, which can be embedded in up to 3 urls owned by the end customer and which can also be uploaded to a client’s Youtube or Vimeo channels for sharing via the end client's own social media accounts . This is a popular package. As an example, an up to three minute video costs £300.00.00 , including editing to picture and one round of small revisions. A full re-record, due to script revisions, is charged at 50%. . If I’ve made a mistake ( and hopefully I won’t !) , re-recording is free. Bulk rates for repeat business can be discounted. Variations to the license are by negotiation. 

Payment terms

Payments terms are normally 30 days. For first time overseas clients I may ask for full or partial payment up front.

Payments can be made via bank transfer, Paypal, or Wise


The rule of thumb for a buyout license is that the shorter the term and the more specific the details about the license restrictions, the less it costs. So the more information offered at the start of the negotiation, the better it is for both parties. 

Terms and Conditions of Contract

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AI Rider

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What They’re Saying

“Thank you very much for providing the HQ Audio, which I have embedded in the Video. The Video was approved so everything fine from our side. Thank you very much again, for the fast and professional delivery. As mentioned before, there will be more tutorial videos like this to come where we also would like your VoiceOver”


“Awesome job again, Marcus. Thank you so much. Till the next job. (soon this year)”


'Hi Marcus - thanks a lot, I have just downloaded the files and will re-check within the edit but on first sight it sounds perfect!'


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