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Marcus Hutton studio


Purpose built booth

Double boarded construction with rockwool and barrier mat. Acoustic door seal. Interior: Auralex sound tiles throughout. Interior power and lighting. Computer outside the booth.

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Purpose built booth.

It’s quiet and all noisy equipment (computer fans especially)  is outside of the booth.

Neumann TLM 103 and Sennheiser 416 Mics

Focusrite ISA 220 pre amp and channel

Mac Pro

Protools 12 (full)

Apogee Duet interface

100mb fibre hard wired ethernet connection (average 90mbps down and 9mbps up)

Source Connect Standard

22" Samsung monitor, keyboard, mouse in booth

HHB circle monitors

Beyer DT150 headphones

Clean feed/Session Link Pro/Source Connect Now/Skype all available.

ISDN bridging available 

Noise floor test: RMS reading on 20 seconds of unfiltered audio, recorded in empty booth, with mic gain set to peak at -6db for my normal speech volume is -69 db

Happy to do line tests at any time.

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